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released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


FCON White Center, Washington

White Center
Hardcore Punk

Kevin - Vox
Dylan - Guitar/Vox
Brett - Drums/Vox
Trevor - Bass

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Track Name: Player's Club
Just made your last score, your head full of pride
Little did you know, part of you died inside
Flaunting that girl like she's your latest kill
The notches in your bedpost, the holes in your bones

Chorus (x2):
You fucking pig, you will die alone
Try to cover the tracks up
You smug fuck, your pride you lack

String her along, then treat her cold
Break her down, crush her soul
I wish one day she'd fucking explode


Can't you see the pain you cause?
What you gained is what she lost
Treating women like they're shit
Makes me fucking sick

You might get the clap, or maybe you'll get AIDS
Maybe then you'll learn the error of your ways
One last thing I forgot to tell
See you, In Hell
Track Name: The Spectrum
Walking the streets of America
The man always tries to annoy ya
Keep their boots on your throat
And pull the fucking trigga
America's private army
They have got it out for me

We have the power to stop them
Use the colors of the spectrum
If we all march as one
Then we have the battle won

They all hide behind the badge
We can smash it with the power we have
Come on brother take my hand
I will help you take a stand
Don't let the color of your skin
Turn you into a victim


Do you see what I see
Fuck the SPD

The boys in blue spread corruption
Try to control the population
Using fear and intimidation
All across the fucking nation
Use the heavy ammunition
It's a fucking execution
Track Name: 12th Man
Chorus (x2):
12th man
12th man
12th man
Now you decide to give a shit

Let's all burn the bandwagon
Make them bleed blue and green
Sacrifice your golden hawk
Will that make you give a fuck
Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft
That's not what we're about
Hipster nation heed my call
We are gunning for you all


Call yourself a citizen
You've been down for one year, I've got ten
All I can do is scoff in pity
When I see the scum that walk this city
Murder, hunger, poverty
You just turn a blind eye
Can't you hear the people scream?
Fuck your goddamn football team


Build a stadium
Fuck the people
Win a trophy
Produce sheeple
The Emerald City is burning fast
You're the one that lit the match